EJInsight: Tom Grundy & HKFP – ‘How a miscalculation added up for this startup entrepreneur’, 22.8.15

“Teach English, pay off a student loan and leave. The plan was as straightforward as it gets but Tom Grundy somehow got sidetracked which is why he is still in Hong Kong years later.”a feature by EJInsight on Tom Grundy and Hong Kong Free Press.

EJInsight: Tom Grundy & HKFP – ‘Hong Kong Free Press to launch in June’, 18.5.15

“Hong Kong Free Press (HKFP), a non-profit organization, is launching a free English-language news website next month after recently completing the first round of an online crowd-funding campaign”. – EJInsight reports on the launch of Hong Kong Free Press.

EJInsight, 18.5.15