Top 5 Reads on Hong Kong’s Democratic Development

Hong Kong's democratic development

Favourite reads

Below are my favourite reads this week on the subject of Occupy Central and the NPC’s announcement on Hong Kong universal suffrage.

► New Yorker: “China’s Hong Kong Mistake”
Evan Osnos provides context to Hong Kong’s long fight for democracy, suggesting President Xi has missed an opportunity, choosing a “safer, short-term solution” instead.

► “Occupy Central Series: ‘Anti-Humiliation’ and the CCP’s Need to Defeat”
Trey Menefee argues that the treatment of Hong Kong demonstrates how the Communist Party must create enemies in order to defeat them, thereby showcasing their power.

► South China Morning Post: “Occupy Central: For or Against.”
SCMP’s latest multimedia video project pitches pro-democracy and pro-establishment figures against each other on topics such as filibustering, the Basic Law and elections.

► Bloomberg: “To Save the Rich, China Ruins Hong Kong”
Published before Sunday’s NPC announcement, Nisid Hajari says that business-minded Beijing is on a futile mission to protect tycoons and the wealthy. Quoting Wang Zhenmin, he suggests Beijing sees democracy as a threat to Hong Kong’s ‘crony capitalist’ system.

► TIME: “No Matter What Beijing Says, Hong Kong Is Ready for Full Democracy”
Emily Rauhala laments how Beijing is ‘infantalising’ Hong Kong and says that Hong Kongers have earned the right, and are capable of, charting their own political course.

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