Favourite Android Apps

A list of my favourite Android apps, kicking off with the only two paid apps I have installed.

hi-256-0-074f021434b6aa55e2c07124dd0ace17a2ccd719 (128×128)

BeyondPod (paid app)For reliability and functionality, this podcast manager beats all of the free alternatives (including bare-bones and buggy Google Listen). Subscribe to your favourite audio feeds via Google Reader and this app wakes up at a set time, connects to your wifi and downloads the latest podcasts from the last 24-hours. Click for a list of my favourite podcasts.

AmeCk.png (300×67)

Swiftkey (paid app)Swiftkey is fast, smart and learns your typing habits and colloquialisms. This replacement keyboard for the stock Android one makes inputting text a lot less painstaking.

S3wh6.jpg (150×150)

Whatsapp (free for 1 year) – Whatsapp gives you free picture/text messaging worldwide to other users – it’s not without its flaws, but it’s worth downloading as it’s the messaging app most people use. Install this, and you’ll resent ever having paid for SMS.

sCtmX.png (140×140)

Dropbox – The standard app for syncing between your phone and desktop computer. You’ll need the desktop application too.

DZSuc.png (100×100)

Epistle – Once set up, this fast, lightweight app uses Dropbox to sync text files between your computer and phone. Great for reminders, lists and note taking.

Wi5a3.jpg (400×71)

Guardian Lite – Of the many available, this is my preferred app for viewing Guardian articles. This small, superfast app will download the day’s news offline for viewing.

Quickpic – Another small, lightening fast replacement app for browsing your photo/video gallery – a great improvement on the standard stock version.

runkeeper.png (100×100)

Runkeeper – The best free Android app for anyone who wants to motivate themselves by keeping tabs on their exercise routine. I use it for hiking – it uses GPS to draw a map of my progress, monitor my speed and uploads the results to Facebook.

SwQUt.jpg (125×125)

TuneIn Radio – This app gives you streaming access to pretty much all-and-any worldwide radio station you can imagine. Stations are grouped by country or genre and can be easily saved for fast access.

LBqMG.gif (100×100)

CamScanner – Turn any book, presentation board or photo of text into a PDF file. Great for students.

U7l5L.gif (165×134)

TED Mobile – Easy access to all of the TED library of talks.

Recommended Android Games:

  • Words with Friends – a cross-platform Scrabble app.
  • PapiWall – a simple but additive platform ball game.
  • Drop – a similar game based on timing and precision.
  • iRunner – a fast-paced running game.
  • Geared – a strategy puzzle game involving cogs.
  • Fruit Slice – another simple but addictive swiping game.
  • Toss it – throw the paper into the waste bin.
  • Unblock Me – another strategic puzzle game.

Recommended Camera apps:

  • Photoaf – for 3D panorama shots.
  • Retro Camera – vintage/hipster filter.
  • FxCamera – another app offering  a range of vintage filters.

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