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TEDx Wan Chai 2018: Powering a media outlet through the kindness of a city – Tom Grundy, 2.6.18

Hong Kong Free Press  was launched in 2015 amid rising concerns over declining press freedom in Hong Kong. In this talk at TEDx Wan Chai 2018, it’s co-founder shares the journey that led to the launch of this crowdfunded media outlet. With attacks on journalists, advertisers withdrawing from media critical of the establishment, along with the existential pressures facing the wider industry, Tom Grundy discusses why it is ever more vital that Hong Kong has an independent platform for critical voices to be heard.

The magnificent mosques, mausoleums and minarets of Uzbekistan

Rich in history and home to some of the world’s most kaleidoscopic and intricate Islamic architecture, Uzbekistan is finally opening up to tourism.

Samarkand's Gur-e-Amir.

Samarkand’s Gur-e-Amir.

Uzbekistan’s stunningly ornate metro stations revealed after photography ban lifted

For decades, a photography ban was enforced across the Uzbek capital’s metro network.

tashkent metro station

Kosmonavtlar Station – dedicated to the Soviet Union’s cosmonauts. Photo: Tom Grundy/HKFP.

Bamboo-lined paths and misty ancient trails connect Ma On Shan to Sai Kung

A network of misty ancient trails connect several abandoned hamlets dotted along the ridge separating Ma On Shan and Sai Kung.

Mui Tsz Lam to Mau Ping

Photo: Tom Grundy/HKFP.